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Sport Specific Injuries

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Sport Specific Injuries

Perseverance Stay Strong & Fit

Whether you consider yourself as: a weekend warrior, an athlete, an extreme sports novice or fanatic, like to work out, play rounds of golf, shoot hoops, a runner, a tennis player, a hockey player, a surfer, ocean sports or throwing football here and there, we can all at one point in time experience a bit of muscle soreness or pain.

Using FDA Approved Laser treatments along with acupuncture, homeopathic remedies and injections on these types of muscle pains and strains can help the body recover faster from acute, chronic or minor injuries while getting you back into your sport with little down time. Laser treatments are beneficial to relieve tired sore muscles from everyday work outs, competition, over exhaustion or over training by bringing more circulation of and oxygen to the muscle groups.  Laser therapy allows the body to reduced inflammation and strengthen the tendons and ligaments.

Homeopathic remedies can be used daily to support recovery and reduce re injury pre and post sports you love.  They are available in many forms over the counter as: internal pills, tablets, or liquid tinctures and externally as creams or gels.  Most athletes keep these on hand for a variety of different sports.  Homeopathic injectable vials are only available with specifically train practitioners for in office use only.  They are administered to (IM) intramuscularly located acupuncture points that will benefit the area of pain the best.  You can sometimes feel the pain is gone before you even leave the treatment.