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Preventative Health & Food Therapy

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Preventative Health & Food Therapy

Reducing Medications & Surgeries

When the body shows no signs or symptoms of a disease process the body can then:

  • Manage stressors more efficiently
  • Keep immune functioning at the optimal levels
  • Stay fit longer adding years to your life span

Preventative healthcare can often keep a person from developing some future signs and symptoms of disease.  Many people use Acupuncture as their only source of healthcare while others use it in conjunction with Western Medicine. Eating the proper nutritious foods, drinking plenty of water, exercising the body, eliminating stressors and getting proper rest are important for health. In TCM, it is said that for every year a sign or symptom has taken time to develop into a disease process, that it takes a year to treat it.

One might say, “There is Nothing Wrong with Me,” and that is perfect. Our practitioner experienced acupuncture for the first time in NY treating twice a week for 2 weeks even though “there was nothing wrong with her.” She was asked, “What if you could feel 10 times more dynamic than you already do?” She was intrigued, then was amazed at how much better she felt even when “there was nothing wrong with her.” She felt: more relaxed, had even more abundant energy, increased mental clarity, a deeper sense of inner peace and connectedness.

This type of medicine was exactly what she was looking for and was convinced to switch her studies from Western Medicine to Alternative, Integrative, Holistic, Energetic and Traditional Chinese Medicine ASAP. She has a very strong background in science and western medicine with strong beliefs in the integration of both eastern and western medicines.  She will be the first person to refer you out to someone who you might need to work with in tandem with her treatments.  Likewise she is referred by many doctors, nurses and other practitioners in and out of state. 

She believes that these alternative, integrative, energetic and holistic approaches to viewing healthcare are the keys to vastly change the way we look and define health.