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Nourishing & Regenerating Nerves

Nano Acupuncture and Neurological Acupuncture is a method of acupuncture designed to flood and flush the nerves to: nourish, unblock, repair and regenerate the damaged nerves.  A strong sensation is encouraged in this style of treatment for neurological conditions such as:  Parkinson’s, Stroke, Brain Injury, Neuropathy, Sport Injuries, Concussions, Bell’s Palsy, Seizures, Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and more. 

This style of neurological acupuncture has primarily been only taught at the first teaching hospital of Taiwan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine by its founder Dr. Shi Xue as a doctorate program. The founder of Nano Acupuncture, Dr Clayton Shiu finished this program under direct internship with Dr Shi Xue, the pioneer of modern acupuncture Stroke treatment in China.  Dr Shiu has been granted permission by Dr Xue to teach these techniques here in the states.  Our practitioner at Asian Integrative Medicine, Inc has trained directly under the founder of Nano Acupuncture, Dr Shiu and is currently treating patients with this method in office.