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Defying the Aging Process Naturally  

Over the ages and in many ancient cultures there has always been the quest for health, longevity, beauty and youth. Modern times still represents this search and provides a vast number of solutions to different types of skin and body concerns. We specialize in providing a holistic and natural approach by: eliminating the stressors on the body, nutrition, hormone balancing, proper rest, hydration and knowledge of how to take care of the skin and body.

Acupuncture facials involves quickly cleansing the skin of all make up and focused on inserting tiny acupuncture needles in the areas around the: face, eyes, scalp, jawline and neck.  This assists the body to increase blood flow and stimulate collagen to these areas. Needles can often times be threaded directly into fine lines and wrinkles to minimizes the appearance of the wrinkles as needed. Acupuncture facials over time help to tone, lift the skin and clear blemishes.

These beauty rituals can also be combined with other secrets of the orient or modern techniques that can restore the beauty and youthful appearance of your skin.  Dive a bit deeper into this esthetic arena and we have other modalities that can help the skin look more youthful: micro current, dermabrasion, lymphatic drainage, chromo therapy, gua sha, acupressure, facial massage and more. 

There is NO: Pain, Redness or Down time so one can sneak a treatment at lunchtime and return to work right away with no one the wiser of the procedure.

  • Erase Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Plump & Firm Skin
  • Improve Muscle Tone
  • Reduce Puffiness
  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Tighten Pores
  • Rejuvenate the Face
  • Improve Skin Quality
  • Improve Overall Skin Health
  • Increase Mental Clarity
  • Increase Energy
  • Detox the Body
  • Reduce Cellulite