Extensive immersion of diversified Western and Eastern medical knowledge, intuition, and the understanding of the body.

Dr. Lisa K. Perdue


A Japanese-American, physician board certified by the NCCAOM- National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine as an Acupuncture Physician in Traditional Chinese Medicine & Kiiko Matsumoto Japanese Acupuncture, Certified K Laser Provider, and Medical Qigong Therapist. Dr. Lisa treats a wide range of medical and health concerns with advanced training in: Fertility, Pain Management, Auto-Immune Disorders, PTSD, Sport Specific Injuries, Women’s Health, Cosmetic Acupuncture and many more. She has been working along with other practitioners, Eastern and Western trained Medical Doctors in NY and FL since early 2000.

She founded her company in 2003 with the intention to help as many people as possible become “Healthcare Conscious”. She customizes treatments using a combination of: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Acupuncture, “Gentle” Acupuncture, Photobiomodulation aka Cold Laser Treatments, B12 &other Vitamin Injection Therapy, Arnica & other Homeopathic Injections, Deep Psycho-Emotional Release Body Work, Medical Qigong, Customized Essential Oils, Food Therapy, Supplementation, Chinese Herbal Formulas, along with other “Non-needle” techniques for the youngest members in your family or for those that may be needle shy.

It is her philosophy to integrate the branches of: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Japanese Acupuncture, Laser technology and other healing modalities alongside the patient’s conventional Western medical treatments for their optimal health. This extensive immersion of diversified Western and Eastern medical knowledge, intuition, and the understanding of the body has allowed Dr. Lisa K. Perdue to develop a unique platform to rebalance the physical and energetic body while restoring the: mind, body, spirit connections. It’s more than just “needles” to an acupuncture treatment, it’s a healthy reset for optimal performance, full potential, while staking a claim to a lifestyle of health. Treating you is part of the program, teaching you or sharing daily tools on how to maintain your body in between appointments is key to success.

Japanese Acupuncture Physician, trained directly under Kiiko Matsumoto and several of her associate instructors. What’s the difference between TCM & Japanese Acupuncture? The root goal of care is the same, however each culture looks at the body with diagnostic differences. Japanese Acupuncture use Hara or abdominal diagnosis, then the use of distal points to relieve and restore balance to the body. One of the differences is this example, If you have Pain in the neck a TCM practitioner will most likely needle the area of pain directly with needles in the neck region. The Japanese approach may be to find find points along the body that will make changes to the neck pain without needling the neck region at all, however using the neck as a reflex point of palpation to feel the change. Either is acceptable forms of treatment, it depends on what the patient needs at the time of care.

Laser– Sprains, Strains, Pains, Muscle Aches, Sport Specific Injuries, Pre & Post Operative Care, Fertility, Acne, and more… High tech, powerful, physician’s level cold laser for helping the body restore and repair with the speed and power of light. It’s not the visible light, however the wave lengths that are not visible that enter the body for therapeutic purposes. We use the Ferrari of Lasers in our office.

Cosmetic Skin & Body Treatments- customized to help capture the fountain of youth naturally. Specialized acupuncture, laser, or micro current treatments are used to bring out your best complexion, tone of skin and minimize wrinkles with a natural soft look. Acupuncture, laser and/or micro current can also be use to help contour your body for optimal appearance. These treatment result vary and are on an accumulative base of care. Once results are visible, a plan of care is implemented to maintain the results on a monthly basis.

Luxury Essential Oils & Skin Care, is a division of the business that offers customized or collaborated essential oil blends, that you won’t find anywhere else. A line of skin care or body care items infused with essential oils are also available. Consult with Dr. Lisa for a Luxury Essential Oil Blend that will smell fantastic, but also helps to address your health concerns. It’s not just about how the oil smells, it’s also about how the oil can trigger healthy benefits for the body and mind. Don’t settle for just one essential oil or a generic blend, have something customized for you, she’s the only one in the county blending specifically in this way for the individual’s health concerns. Due to the demand of this unique service, your blend may take a few days to research and create and is subject to availability of specifically source oils. There is an additional fee for a customized blend in addition to the cost of the oils. This service of customized blends is currently for current or returning patients, and others she consults with over the phone or via email. This is due to the person’s specific health history or being currently under her care.

Dr. Lisa K. Perdue is currently in private practice at Asian Integrative Medicine, Inc. since early 2000, dividing her time between her private practice and Palm Beach Fertility as their on-staff Acupuncture Physician. She is constantly pushing the envelope in researching European laser protocols, and pioneering the use of advanced protocols in the practice, blending Luxury Essential Oils & Skin Care’s custom blends, balancing a healthy Home & Work life, while caring for Elderly Parents and Fur Kids.

"Keep Your Health As Optimal As Posssibe"

Acupuncture is one of the eight branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that is based on an energetic model that enhances the body's natural healing abilities to balance internal disharmonies and create a state of well being.